Looking for a real-road feel when training indoors? Brizon BR20 &BR26-trainer features a rocking pivot, mimicking the natural movement of riding outdoors.


Brizon believes that the ideal trainer is the one that can simulate the movement of body and bike while riding outdoors. When training with the similar setup as actual riding, you can gain good sense of balance on the bike and train to coordinate the complex movements of the same muscles you use while riding outdoors.

Riding bicycle is a balancing act. Your body and bike needs to work together as one to keep balance and stay upright. The gravity, the force to push the pedals and to pull the handlebar, the forward movement of bicycle and the inertia created by this, for example, all of these need to be working in harmony. When you come out of the saddle, the side to side shift of weight also needs to be in the equation.

With the BR20 & BR26 -trainer are the only trainer in the market that can closely replicate the movements of your body and bicycle of riding outdoors. You will obtain better skill of balancing with your bike while teaching your body to utilize and coordinate all the muscle to produce more power efficiently.