Brizon believes that the ideal trainer can simulate body and bicycle movements while riding outdoors. When training with settings similar to the actual ride, you can get a good balance on your bike and train to coordinate the complex movements of the same muscles you use while riding outdoors.

Cycling is a balanced act. Your body and bike need to work together to maintain balance and stay upright. For example, gravity, the force pushing the pedals and pulling the handlebars, the forward movement of the bicycle, and the resulting inertia, all need to work in harmony.



TR-01  (suitable for Stepwing T3 and 20″~26″ typical bicycles)
26  “Bicycle = S~2XL frame size

  • Ultra-wide 6-level reluctance adjustment, you can adjust the resistance through the handlebar according to your pedal speed, which can simulate the most natural ride.
  • Upgraded magnetic turbocharger for noise reduction.
  • The indoor bicycle trainer is suitable for Stepwing T3, 20~26″ wheels of different sizes; please ensure that your bicycle has a quick release fork before purchase.
  • The extra wide and heavy duty frame makes the bike trainer more stable and quality.
  • The only trainer in the market that can closely replicate the movements of your body You will obtain better skill of balancing with your bike while teaching your body to utilize and coordinate all the muscle to produce more power efficiently.

Looking for a real-road feel when training indoors? Brizon TR-01 trainer features a rocking pivot, mimicking the natural movement of riding outdoors.