The ergonomic mechanism design provides a great workout that’s gentle on your knees, hips, ankles and back.


Riding is not a boring repeated motion anymore , patented drive system make you enjoy the free style pedaling giving you a carefree exercise experience at any age.


The stand-up position and without seat engages your core muscle ,upper body and legs , also much improves your balance and coordination


Foldable design and front wheel quick release for easy storage and transport.
Stepper bike can fit inside most vehicles and on a variety of roof, trunk and hitch racks.


Burns  more calories than a traditional bicycle, providing a better workout in less time. and helps to improve bone density.


The Stepwing allows you to break free from the boring gym and create your own workout adventure outdoor With an indoor trainer , Stepwing can be transformed into a stationary indoor trainer , so you can train any weather , any time.


The ergonomic upright position improves posture and core stability, and eliminates seat and back pain entirely.

The Stepwing fitness bike is a comfy cross-trainer for commuting

The way people exercise and travel around cities and towns has changed in recent years, folding bikes are too expensive, uncomfortable and complicated for many people. Stepwing offers a much more effective workout, that gets you from A to B, without back discomfort, sore wrists or a pain in the backside.’

Young or old, big or small, Stepwing is for everyone!

It’s easy to store and transport.   Its small and nimble so you can get around everywhere but best of all, the upright riding position gives you great vision all around you and you won’t suffer from a sore bum, lower back pain or saddle sores.  By standing up, you engage your core muscles much more, and because Stepwing is driven by a stepping action, you will be working your quads, your glutes, your calves and your hamstrings for a great toning workout.

Comments of Stepwing test rider from UK

Why Use Stepper bike for Interval Training?

There are many factors why you should use the Stepper bike for interval training.

It’s FUN to ride the Stepper bike, if exercise isn’t fun, people will get boring on a regular workout schedule. Riding Stepper bike gets you outside, you can take it on multiple courses, the breeze in your face cools you as you ride high up in perfect anatomical position.


You achieve maximum cardio and interval training without having to perform an extreme exercise or use multiple pieces of work out equipment, weights, balls, or benches.  Stepper bike gives you a full body workout using 8 different muscle groups(see charts), which escalates your cardio quickly, at which point you can coast or ease up your pace using your own body weight to keep stepping for your recovery period.

Your feet are firmly positioned on the pedals delivering NO IMPACT to your joints or applying excessive strain to your tendons or bones , besides the ergonomic stepping motion is very gentle on the knees, and great for someone recovering from knee injury. Although Stepper bike is a high intensity workout, the soft landing protects your joints, and has less impact than even walking!


Time & Convenience.  Stepper bike allows you to step outside your home and ride in your neighborhood without having to drive to the gym.  In 30 short minutes you can ride several miles utilizing full body exercise and achieve maximum calorie burn in less time over other methods of exercise.  Even the gym having to use multiple machines to get the same workout!